Final Fantasy Series (1987-?)

After switching over to the Famicom, there was a time when I wasn’t happy with anything I was creating. I thought of retiring from the game industry and I created Final Fantasy as my final project. That’s why the title includes the word ‘final’ but for me, the title ‘Final Fantasy’ reflects my emotional state at the time and the feeling that time had stopped. They say that technologically, it’s good to keep going, and each time, we give it our all and expend our skills and energy until we can go no further; this is what I consider to be the “final fantasy”.
Hironobu Sakaguchi

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Itachi The Badass

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stayin’ loose for resbang whats uuuup

wow i miss oil paint that didn’t take long

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Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Cover + Ven

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Warning: New Challenger Approaching.

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